About CuiZine Restaurant & Lounge

CuiZine is more than just a unique name. It serves as a clever representation of what you are about to experience at CuiZine Restaurant & Lounge. It all started with chef/co-owner Zoran Stanojkovski’s passion for food (a.k.a. “Z” to his employees), which led to the creation of a most exciting venture that we are sure you will want to participate in and continue coming back for more.

The menu is a true fusion of all the countries Zoran has been so fortunate to visit, with his own unique twist on every dish. You will find some classics as well as some unique dishes that are sure to peak your curiosity. Whether you choose to enjoy cocktails at the bar, the music of the piano, the ambiance of the dining room, we are sure that the taste of his fine “cuisine” will keep you enticed to return again and again. We look forward to serving you for many years to come… Cheers!

About The Chef

Chef Zoran

A native of Skopje, Macedonia, Zoran knew quite early in life that he enjoyed cooking. Learning all the basic essentials from his mother, he chose to venture out to the United States and pursue his passion to learn more. It began with working on cruise ships. He was able to travel the world experiencing all different cuisines of many countries, and gathering knowledge of what he would eventually incorporate into his own food.

After finally choosing to settle permanently in Florida, he was mentored and trained by professional chef and business owner, Tom Hietpas. Tom chose to take him directly under his wing and gave him the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from restaurant management, to business ownership, to culinary creations. After just 2 short years, he brought his brother Marjan on board and they were able to take complete ownership of the Palm Café located in Indian Harbour Beach, FL, where he excelled and was able to achieve the “Best Restaurant in Indian Harbour Beach” for 8 years in a row from 2008-2015. This in turn automatically awarded the Palm Cafe a prestigious “Hall of Fame” award, which is considered yet another fabulous milestone. After a great run, it has now become time to expand Zoran’s culinary expertise and finally bring it out for the rest of the public to experience.

Private Events

CuiZine Restaurant & Lounge is a perfect place to hold private parties and other events. Ask us how we can accommodate your next birthday party, office get-together, or other celebration—and let us help make the event special from start to finish!