Dessert Menu


Tiramisu 7

cool refreshing Italian dessert, mascarpone cheese, savoiardi lady fingers

Bread Pudding 7

pecan bread pudding, Jack Daniels sauce, French vanilla ice cream

Key Lime-Mango Pie 7

gourmet key lime pie with a tropical attitude in a graham shell

Flourless Pomegranate Chocolate Cake 8

rich chocolate cake, pomegranate pearls, shaved Ghiradelli chocolate

Trio Creme Brulee 8

orange, biscotti and chocolate flavored brulee, fresh berries


Champagne 7

Chocolate Martini 10

perfect dessert martini after dinner


Hennessy 18

Courvoisier VS 18

Courvoisier VSOP 25

Remy Martin VSOP 25

Baileys 8

Sambuca 8

Grand Marnier 12


Baileys Coffee 8

baileys, coffee and whipped cream

Kahlua Coffee 8

kahlua, coffee and whipped cream

Irish Coffee 8

Irish whiskey, coffee and whipped cream

Keoke Coffee 8

kahlua, creme de cacao, brandy, coffee and whipped cream